The Pan Valley Institute

Development and Production Team

Myrna Martinez Nateras | Program Director AFSC Pan Valley Institute
Minerva Mendoza | Program Associate AFSC Pan Valley Institute
Estela Galván | Former Program Associate, AFSC Pan Valley Institute
Maricarmen Miranda Diosdado | Graphic Design
Amy Fienen | Editor 
Fernando Shimizu | Web Design 


Erica Kohl-Arenas | PhD, Faculty Director, Imagining America:
Artists and Scholars in Public Life, Associate Professor, American Studies,
University of California, Davis
Juan Santiago | TCOFP Alumnus
Anne Marie Richard | Ph.D. Associate CIO and Director, Student Affairs IT, University of California, Berkeley
Brenda Ordaz | TCOFP Alumna
Gaspar Rivera-Salgado | Ph.D., Project Director at the UCLA Labor Center.
Mark Miller | Former Assistant Regional Director, AFSC
Rosa Hernández | PVI Alumna and Colectivo Sabor a Mi Tierra
Stela Dadzie | British educationalist, activist, writer and historian.
Stephanie McKee | Artistic Director, Junebug Productions
Tudor Stanley | Freelance Photographer
Lar Yang | Yang Design

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