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Workers and Maquiladoras


The Workers and Alcoa

Photo: CFO

CFO members perform role-playing sessions to practice how to defend workers' rights. In the photo, Alcoa workers show how they tape very fast the wire harnesses.


Photo: Alcoa Website

Every year Alcoa makes hundreds of thousands of electric systems (wire harnesses) for Ford, Toyota, Harley Davidson, Hummer, Paccar, and other vehicules.

The Workers and Delphi

Map:Delphi workers

The workers draw risks maps during CFO's training workshops to identify their work areas in the factories and potential risks for workers' health



Photo: Ricardo Hernández

Delphi workers in the company headquartes in Kokomo , Indiana . They traveled from Reynosa representing the rank and file to put pressure on Delphi executives  and demand solutions.

The Workers and Emerson

Approximately 80 per cent of the Emerson workers are men, and 20 per cent female, due to the heavy work involved in the manufacturing of motors. The workers earn an average of $70 US for a 50-hour week, but working conditions are unsafe and hazardous to workers' health .



Emerson signed a Collective Barganining Agreement with a non-existent trade union which in reality consists in only one man who sold the contract to the company without informing to any worker. This type of deals are known in Me xico as "protection contracts" because they protect the employer. .

The Workers and Black & Decker

Photo: DeWalt Website

The workers in Black & Decker in Reynosa manufacture many tools for DeWalt, like the one shown in the photo, as well as lawn mowers for the Sears-owned Craftsman brand.



The Matamoros, Mexico section of the mineworkers union in a protest in Reynosa in solidarity with the rank and file of Black & Decker who were asking for a democratic union.

Photo: FITIM

The Workers and Lear

Lear Corporation opened in 2006 a new maquiladora in Piedras Negras where auto seats are assembled.

      Lear has cut taken out 19 minutes of the break times. That's constitutes a clear violation of labor laws. The company also justifies that its wages are low because "the company is new in Piedras Negras".

The Workers and Mex-Star (Fun-Time International)






The Workers and Fujikura

Fujikura Ltd. is a Japanese corporation that designs and manufactures wire harnesses for Subaru and Toyota Camrys. Fujikura's maquiladora in Piedras Negras was part of a joint venture known as Alcoa Fujikura Ltd.; in Jan. 2006 the so-called "Subaru Plant" became Fujikura Automotive Mexico (FAMX).


The Fujikura workers are clear on their rights because many of them participated in the workers' struggles at Macoelmex (Alcoa) in Piedras Negras in 2002 and 2005.

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