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2006 Annual Report (PDF Format)

In 2006, maquiladora workers again faced deteriorating working conditions.  But it was also a year when many women and men workers confronted their employers about unjust working conditions and the abuse they face at work.  In this fight they were supported by the CFO.  The Annual Report 2006 describes positive changes achieved in Alcoa maquiladoras due to a combination of actions taken by the workers themselves inside Alcoa, and by the CFO establishing global alliances with trade unions from other countries as well as working in collaboration with responsible shareholders of faith-based organizations. Click here to read the report.



CFO Annual Reports

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Taking Flight












CFO Themes (Spanish only)

The basis of our rights according to the Federal Labor Law. One page for each theme. See also the guide on how to use them. Twenty-four years of experience have demostrated how effective this methods are.


Opening Mexico

"On the border, the labor leader Julia Quinonez fought for the rights of workers in American-owned factories...For if there is despair in a long history of tragedy, there is also great reason for hope in the lives of the many Mexicans chronicled here who have uncovered secrets and forced change." More



Dignity is the Reward

The book Living in Hope, includes an article about the worker's struggle in the maquiladora Carrizo Manufacturing to get fair severance payments when the factory closed operations in Piedras Negras in March, 1999. The article, called Dignity is the Reward, was published first by the daily news La Jornada with the title Una derrota con sabor a triunfo.


“Hay que establecer la convicción”  (Spanish only)

Julia Quiñonez explains to workers in Ciudad Juárez what de CFO is and its methods of organizing. “Our responsibility is to sensitize workers. If you believe you can not do it, you're already defeated, so stay home. I do not accept that ”. More


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