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The Border and The Fierce Urgency of Now

“… that's why the CFO is so important.   For years they have found ways to redistribute power… not an easy or fast way to respond to social problems and not the only way... but touching real lives in a way that Homeland Security and Plan Merida never will.  And so, I seek perspective on this partly real, partly orchestrated, crisis of violence and feel a fierce urgency to go to the border now.”


Worker centers from Mexico and the U.S. share experiences face to face

Six Mexican labor organizers visited New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles recently to meet with dozens of immigrant day laborers, worker centers and union activists. Carmen, a former maquiladora worker represented the CFO. She said: “ I was able to realize how many people have had to migrate, leaving their families and exposing themselves to dangers and to discrimination, but that gives me strength to go forward.”








Maquiladora-themed photo exhibit and theater work tour border

The photo exhibit La vida en un hilo; historias de mujeres de la maquila (Hanging by a Thread; stories of maquiladora women) and the original play Monólogos de la Maquila were presented in Piedras Negras. The CFO collaborated with the photo project by introducing many maquiladora workers to photographer Laura Cano. She said of the women: “They are fighters, and have a very positive attitude.”




The Comité Fronterizo de Obrer@s  works to improve labor conditions in the maquiladoras and the quality of life of maquiladora workers, especially women and their families. As a worker-controlled organization that educates, organizes and empowers other maquiladora workers along the Mexican border with the United States, we organize for the defense of basic human and workers' rights...


 is produced in cooperation with the
Mexico-U.S Border Program
of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

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