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For the labor rights and all human rights of the maquiladora workers

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Maquiladora-themed photo exhibit and
theater work tour the border

May 2009

The photo exhibit La vida en un hilo; historias de mujeres de la maquila (Hanging by a Thread; stories of maquiladora women) by Laura Cano had its opening reception and ceremony last April 24 in the auditorium of the Pyramid of Sun in Piedras Negras, Coahuila. The pyramid is a smaller replica of the famous Teotihuacan pyramid and is located in the Cultural Plaza of that border city.  In a recent interview with the daily La Jornada (Spanish language only) the photographer said: “My work focuses on their [women workers] daily life; on how they have to fit work and family together. Many of them are the only providers at home. I did seek to capture through photographs the strength of these women.”

Laura Cano, who is based in Mexico City, spent weeks in several Mexican cities to document the stories. In Ciudad Acuña and Piedras Negras the Comité Fronterizo de Obrer@s (CFO) introduced many maquiladora workers to Laura. La Jornada said: “The photographer Laura Cano… met women of enormous fortitude. Many of them are happy even as they face the toughest conditions in the factories. Cano said in the interview: ‘They are fighters, and have a very positive attitude.’

Simultaneously, the theater group Costureras de Sueños (Seamstresses of Dreams) presented their original play Monólogos de la Maquila (Maquila Monologues) by Inti Barrios. She and her compañeras Beatriz, Hiramisú and Eréndira make up the ensemble. The Maquila Solidarity Network refers to their work in a just-published article subtitled: “Theatre group merges art and activism to raise awareness of maquila workers’ rights.” It notes that ‘’the play consists of nine monologues, each of them unique stories… which together give an overall account of the plight of maquila workers from various perspectives.”

Seamstresses of Dreams performing
Monólogos de la Maquila.

The Monólogos de la Maquila debuted in October of 2006 in Mexico City.  Since then, Seamstresses of Dreams have toured the Yucatan peninsula, Puebla and several other Mexican states. This is the first time their monologues are brought to the Mexican northern border.

The Cultural Center of the City of Piedras Negras (Casa de la Cultura) organized Laura Cano’s exhibit.  The CFO supported it by inviting workers to the inaugural event, including those women whose stories illustrate the exhibit.

The Monólogos de la Maquila were invited to Piedras Negras by the CFO. The play was performed first in the Cultural Plaza taking advantage of the photo exhibit’s opening. Afterwards, the CFO brought the play directly to a couple of workers’ neighborhoods (street performances) in Piedras Negras, Ciudad Acuña and Reynosa.

Other workers rights groups in the region, such as Servicio Desarrollo y Paz (Sedepac); Centro de Apoyo a Trabajadoras de la Maquila de la Laguna; Casa del Migrante in Saltillo; and CETLAC in Monterrey are bringing the monologues to Saltillo, Monclova and Monterrey.


    is produced in cooperation with the
Mexico-U.S Border Program
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