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CFO in the Media

This list is a compilation of articles that mention the CFO or that talk about the workers we support. If you, the reader know about other news clips about the CFO struggles, please contact us with the information so we can add them to this list.

The information and opinions expressed in these articles are the author's responsibility and not necessarily reflect the opinion of the CFO and the AFSC's Mexico-US Border Program.


International Solidarity Takes on Labor Abuses in Mexico AFSC TAO, December 2002
Aloca Workers vote for democratic union maquila network update, December 2002
Free trade or slave trade: Workers demand a new union at Alcoa Fujikura's Mexican plants San Antonio Current, December 5-11 2002
Losing the Whole World and Finding Each Other: Mexicans Struggle for Justice in Alcoa La Voz de Esperanza, December 2002/January 2003
Texas & Mexican groups join together in San Antonio to make Alcoa feel the pressure La Voz de Esperanza, December 2002/January 2003
Activists protest in Belmont over fired Mexican workers The Union Leader, November 21, 2002
Labor fight comes north The Evening Citizen, November 21, 2002
Living in Fear: a maquiladora worker speaks candidly about what it's Ciudad Juarez today P.O.V. Interactive, August 2002
The Maquiladoras, a Summer Trip to the Texas-Mexico Border Mass Community College Council, August 2002
Mexicans need fair wages, not just backpacks New Hempshire Business Review, June 14-27, 2002
The Human Face of Globalization AFSC TAO, June 2002
Conditions at Latin American plants criticized Denver Post, May 2002
Persistence pays off in victories for maquiladora workers Quaker Service Bulletin, Spring 2002
Combating Exploitation: Safety Traning Helps Workers' Needs in Maquiladoras Steelabor, Spring 2002
"Return us to work": Alcoa's Exploitation of Mexican Workers Challenged Steelabor, Spring 2002
Aluminum Sweatshops: Alcoa's Mexican Plants Deny Basic Human Rights Steelabor, Spring 2002
Demostration does little to disrupt Aloca meeting Tribune-Review, April 20, 2002
Better Than Most: Alcoa CEO defends pay, work practices at joint venture in Mexico Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 20, 2002
Mexican workers plan to picket Alcoa's annual meeting today Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 19, 2002
Maquila Workers Celebrate Victory in Struggle for Freedom of Association AFSC TAO, March 2002
Weekend on the Mexican Border: Free Trade Face to Face. Part II Electrical Union News, January 15, 2002

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