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Many young people are unaware of their basic constitutional rights and how to handle interactions with the police and other law enforcement officials. For this reason, the Criminal Justice Program facilitates Know Your Rights Workshops with youth groups around the country. The workshops educate young people on their rights as individuals living in the United States as well as on responsible ways to keep interactions with police as safe as possible for everyone involved. A manual on planning and conducting such workshops is slated for publication in winter 2007. More

Macoelmex 2006: Alcoa cuts back its presence in Piedras Negras

In its obsessive drive to reduce costs, Alcoa has cut back its presence in its Piedras Negras location, moving production lines to Monterrey , Mexico and Honduras . It also sold its Subaru plant while continues attacking the collective bargaining rights of its workers. More

Alcoa 2006 in Ciudad Acuña, the free-trade union land

In response to the elimination over the last three years of a seniority-based system, the workers today are showing the new hires photocopies of the chart of that former system. The chances for thousands of workers to be promoted are less and less. More

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